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I hope everybody’s Christmas was festive as festive can be. I had my usual busy holiday, with three church services on Christmas Eve, followed by late night partying, and then two straight days of eating and drinking and opening presents. Totally righteous.

Friday I had off, so I spent most of the day wrapping […]

OMG I am totally like so unbelievably sorry that I straight disappeared on allsayallz for the last 2 weeks. Work is gettin’, it’s gettin’, it’s gettin’ kinda hectic, plus Christmas just adds a level of business (not stress. Xmas is not about stress. Just lots of stuff to DO!) that keeps me a hoppin’, yo, […]

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why everybody likes the White Stripes so much? Ya know? What the hell. Let’s review. We have a brother and sister combo consisting of:

The brother, who plays guitar mediocrely and piano at about the level of a 7-year-old with only two fingers on his or her left hand, […]

WednURLsday this week consists of (drum roll, bitte):

This great picture of your dad! Totally quality, thanks to the inimitable James Lileks. Dave Barry’s Annaul Holiday Gift Guide is out! And yes, the scrolling LED belt-buckle is an Xmas requirement. Josh and I mulled over this episode of Achewood for like 2 hours on Monday. […]

So in order that the celebration of my ability to reproduce can continue and grow, I have created an Online Baby Pool Thing Wooooooo! Simply go here:


In the upper left, in the field labelled “Go directly to a game by entering the game name:”, enter “Dontrello” with the capital D since […]

Everybody talks about how awesome “naturalness” is. Like, when you go to buy food, you’re supposed to buy organic “all-natural” crap. Avoid preservatives, wear only hemp, drink only water, and smoke enough marijuana to choke a goat.

You know what I say? To hell with naturalness and healthy living.

In the past 5 […]