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The Beav

And now: the always enjoyable giant inflatable beaver.


I plan to be fabulously wealthy when I die. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that I want to make sure I leave a subsidy in my estate to pay for all of my funeral attendees to have outfits from the company that made Norway’s curling team’s pants. You can’t […]

Stop ruining things

I love the Olympics. I really do. I’ll watch just about all of it, from figure-skating to snowboarding to luge to curling. Women’s curling, even, although in my defense, American skip Debbie McCormick is strangely intoxicating.

I even watched, and thoroughly enjoyed, biathlon. Of course, what beginning skiier, when waiting in a 45-minute line for […]

Focus on the family

Don’t worry, not dead. I honestly haven’t posted anything because I wanted to keep the previous post, in which I make myself cold and got to be on the evening news in Philadelphia, atop the page for as long as possible and make sure everyone can see it. Anybody not watched it yet? We’re good? […]

Ice cold

UPDATE, 2/9/10: I was on NBC 10 News! I looked fat.

I was supposed to do the Lewes Polar Bear Plunge today, but unfortunately it snowed 2 feet all over the state so they had to postpone it. Sadly, I can’t make the new date. Obviously I can’t refund the donations (and wouldn’t if I […]

Rhymin’ and stealin’

I’ve been reading up on the whole missionaries to Haiti drama. If you’ve missed it, here’s the short version: a group of “well-meaning” missionaries went to to Haiti after the earthquake and collected up a bunch of orphans with the intent of bringing them back to America for a better life. They just didn’t bother […]

Good news, terrifying response

Lots of interesting happenings in gay rights over the last few weeks. The Prop 8 trial concluded testimony in California last week, with closing arguments and judgments to come later. Yesterday, a major hearing was held on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Michael Mullen, pressing for a repeal of […]

I quoted a lot

I love this: Hey you. You there in the Glenn Beck T-shirt headed off to the Tea Party Patriot rally.

Stop shouting for a moment, please, I want to explain to you why you’re so very angry. You should be angry. You’re getting screwed…Look, you can go back to yelling at me in a minute, but […]