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It only took me, what, half a year? Anyway, the caption’d pictures from last summer’s Brandywiners production (My Fair Lady) are UP! Go enjoy the glory. I’ll be here, waiting for you to get back.


We had a nice loooong weekend. In honor of the commencement of my 30th year (for those of you who are math-dumb, this means that I have just turned 29 and am thusly awesome), I took Friday and Monday off, and we drove to Richmond to be one with our Virginian pepys.


I got a new camera. Happy birthday to me!

ADDITIONAL UPDATE, YO!: Mondo pictures over at CharlesHearn.com. Fact: Charles is awesome.

Okay, here’s the thing. If you don’t watch “House” you are missing out on The Awesomeness.

I myself came to the show late. I started watching last fall and was like “WHOA It’s like a party in my brain! What have I been missing!” HW and I have been trying to catch up on […]

Link day, y’all! HECK YES!

I got a new haircut yesterday, and trust me, I definitely considered this. It was simply fear of my violent wife’s wrath that kept me looking my usual self. It’s new! It’s fast! It…is it frowning at me? That’s an interesting marketing ploy. I admit: in an effort to understand […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about vegetarianism lately, prodded by my friend Rachel and various other famous folks, and I think it’s time I joined the fray. Not that I have anything of value to say, really, but Lord knows if I can say something stupid and pointless about a subject that I know nothing […]

Do you ever completely irrationally miss things? Not miss as in “I tried to shoot my cat but she ducked,” but miss as in “I shot my cat and I wish I had not done so as I had not foreseen how much her peeing on me while I slept was part of my life.” […]

OMG I have TOTALLY figured out how to be thin, and I am going to share it You, The Reader! It’s very simple, and will TOTALLY WORK FOR YOU.

First, you must figure out how much you want to weigh. I would like to see if I can weigh 200 pounds, although in reality […]

I’ve been using Blogger for like 3 decades now, and I’ve been mostly happy with it (except on the once-frequent occasion in which a network problem caused me to lose an entire, 3000 word post, but that hasn’t happened in a while). Periodically I consider upgrading to Movable Type or Serendipity or something, but since […]

I enjoy me some fine pomp and circumstance, with the possible exception of the widely known Pomp and Circumstance March #1 by Edward Elgar, which over the course of my high school career I had to play roughly 483,384 times during graduation ceremonies. (I do like the fast part, which never gets played at graduations, […]