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Whoof. Busy times for Da Hearn (say it like in the old SNL Bears Fans sketch: DAAAAAA Hearn da hearn da hearn da hearn da hearn… it works best if you’re comically obese) (like me), to say the least. I’m thinking that I may want to cut back on the daily updates, go to more […]

It being Thursday, I give you: the random crappy URLS of stuff that you can probably find on Fark if Fark wasn’t TOTALLY out of the loop! (Ha HA! Just kidding. One Fark link to me and I’d get more bandwidth in an hour than I have in 4 years. And that’s a fact, jiffypop.) […]

I don’t have a lot today due to extreme business, but I wanted to share one quick thing: I have come up with yet another reason why Napoleon Dynamite may be the best movie ever made. (As if we needed one.)

The success of the movie, and the consequent frequent quoting thereof by yours […]

What the heck, man? What sort of crackhead tardo winter is this? It was like 55 degrees out this past weekend! Listen, I’m willing to accept that around here, we rarely get snow on Christmas (although for the past few years in a row, we’ve gotten snow BEFORE Christmas, which has been weirding me out). […]

A wild and wooly weekend, it was. With wetness and warmth and, uh, white people, and, uh, whimsy. Ha HA! W.

The completion of my 28th year was rife with enjoyment, starting with a hockey game on Friday. Brian managed to hook me up with a couple tickets to see the Philadelphia Phantoms play […]

Things that make me happy: Trying to find a video game version of Cricket that’s playable on an American PS2, failing, discussing the expensive possibility of convering my PS2 so I can play foreign games, and then realizing, hell, I’ll just get the PC version and save a lot of trouble. Discovering a Torrent that […]

My birthday is on Saturday! I’m old, I think. I’m definitely starting to FEEL old, what with my 5 years of marriage, my home-ownership, the impending birth of my progeny, my expanding waist-line, my ever-increasing need to moisturize my neck, and the fact that I dyed my hair blond in order to appear more youthful. […]

I’m not sure what to think. Should I be pissed off that DelDOT (The Delaware Department of Transportation (and possibly Lugubriosity)) saw fit to tear up the streets of my neighborhood for the second time in six months? Should I be overjoyed at the fact that they managed to completely tear off several hundred yards […]

I am overwhelmed by guilt.

I’m sure many of you have heard me reference my irritation with people in the drive-thru at fast food establishments several times, including twice in the past week or so. What can I say? I have strong feelings that can’t be expressed any other way, like latent homosexuality, or […]

ThURLsday’s back, with some brand new inventions: Just turn the sound up, and click here. Feta Cheese it out. I could see spending 10 grand on bitterness and angst, myself. That’s why this? Not surprising to me. OMG, like somebody‘s all bitter that the the Chronic(WHAT?)cles of Narnia Rap is more popular than they are! […]