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Because I’m waaaaaay to lazy to write anything today, read about Saturday night’s Knappuccino’s, featuring The Hearn.

A rambling column this week! Try to follow along. Each item is related to the other in a small way, and you have to figure out how!

So my coworker just sent me pictures of the inside of his knee. Pre- and post-surgery, specifically. I guess it was kind of neat and all, but my […]

Mitch Albom rocks out:

It was a code we boys were taught. The thinking was, you didn’t start fights, but you didn’t stand there and let yourself be a punching bag, either.

Today, it’s not so clear. According to one school superintendent in Georgia, “Students cannot fight back. There are other means they […]

Have you ever considered exactly how much you can tell about a man by his landscaping? It’s true. I think we can all agree that somebody with a yellow lawn (possibly strewn with car parts) is not a man with whom you wish to trifle. (That sentence was a grammatical masterpiece . . . let’s […]

This is a public service announcement brought to you by matthearn.com:


Of course, many of you may disagree with me. You are, no offense, idiots. Don’t be ashamed, though: I once felt that golf was a nice game, an excellent opportunity to get outside. I thought these things just 5 or […]