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Move, B, get out the way

Can someone explain to me this behavior? You’re walking down a hallway, and someone is coming from the opposite direction. It’s a big hallway, so there’s plenty of room for you to pass each other, but the person coming your way was sort of in the center, and refuses to yield, forcing you to walk right up against the wall, perhaps even brushing it with your shoulder, to avoid banging into them.

Happens to me at least 3 times a day at work. I’ve had people actually start out far away and move closer to me, like they want to play chicken. I’ve considered banging someone a few times, but I’m rather large, and fully 65% of the people that do this are women, and probably 25% are very small men. I’d knock them down, and then I’d look like a d-bag.

Is it just a dominance thing? Are they just suicidal? Do they want to sue me when their shoulders dislocate? It really creeps me out. I mean, do I say something? And what about people who let doors slam on you?

Help me, I’m in a quandary.

1 comment to Move, B, get out the way

  • Matt G

    Simple. Look down at your blackberry, drop your shoulder and let them know exactly how much you weigh. When they bump into you, play their game of retarded office worker and act like you didn’t see them.

    People at my work like to chat on the stairs. I ask them directly to get off the stairs and conversate somewhere else. Sometimes I’ll just nick them with my heavy laptop in hopes they will get the point without me having to shove them down the whole flight of stairs.

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