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I’ll take a bowl

This would be the best “soup and sandwich” deal ever.

Particularly if the sandwich is a beer.

Move, B, get out the way

Can someone explain to me this behavior? You’re walking down a hallway, and someone is coming from the opposite direction. It’s a big hallway, so there’s plenty of room for you to pass each other, but the person coming your way was sort of in the center, and refuses to yield, forcing you to walk […]

Grease me up, laddie!

This looks…greasy. (via Andrew) Two athletes compete during the Turkish oil wrestling event in the western German city of Kassel on June 28, 2009. In the Turkish national sport also known as Yagh gueres, the athletes douse themselves with olive oil before the fight.

Not Scotsmen


Thriller time

If you’re having trouble expressing your feelings about Michael Jackson’s death into words, I suggest you read today’s Achewood.


Good gravy, what a day. At work we racked six (6) large unix servers, which requires putting special slidey rails into big racks, then taking them out and doing it again, because we either put them in backwards or used the wrong screws, meaning that the server could fall out of the rails and crunch. […]

Lieutenant Dan needs magic legs our help

For those of you who are, like me, “Pro-Mo,” I need you to sign the petition to keep Lt. Dan Choi from being kicked out of the army for being gay. Particularly since the Obama administration has its collective thumb in its butt, waiting for some kind of magical fairy to give them permission to […]


The scariest part of this picture is how much the baby looks like Josephine:


I’m thinking we need to reenact this shot with Josephine and one of her grandfathers, probably my dad, because Sarah’s dad has never worn and never will wear makeup of any kind.



I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan, but I freely admit that he was probably the greatest pop entertainer ever. My fondest memory: going somewhere on vacation with my wife, I don’t remember where, and I don’t remember if this was before kids or if Charles might have even been with us, but we […]

Idyllic as hell

Found this pretty field of clover whilst out on a hike yesterday. Not five minutes later I came upon a group of high-schoolers who asked if I had any rolling papers.


More good clean fun from icanhazcheezburger: