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I, Phone!

(Lamest post title, EVER.)

So, as you may have deduced from previous posts in which I said I got an iPhone, I got an iPhone. HW got one as well, as getting the AT&T family plan saves money! Even so, our monthly phone bill is going up by about 50%, which is a relatively […]

These Dreams

Horrible nightmares last night, for a variety of parties. Charles woke up crying around 9:30pm because of, we suspect, a bad dream, although he couldn’t put into words what the problem was. After a few minutes of cuddling with Mommy he asked to get back into bed, and did so without difficulty. Weird.

For […]

Teh Hockey!

AISOT, this is where I sang not one, but TWO national anthems on Monday afternoon.

You can see where I would have been standing, near the red circle in the upper right, if I hadn’t been in the press box taking the picture. (I can’t be in two places at once, people. […]

New ad campaign

This is a new ad campaign I’m putting together in A City Near You:

Yea? Nay?


I’ve never insisted that I was particularly bright. Which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that, up until this week, I had no serious backup setup for my computers at home. What changed this week, you ask?

Computer crash.

My wife’s achy old Dell B130 would only boot to […]

Random thoughts

Just a few collected ideas that jumbled around in my head this week:

So far, President Obama has appointed political rivals to his cabinet; apologized when he screwed something up; closed a torture center; and worked major bipartisan magic with regards to the “economic stimulus package.” Is it just me, or has he accomplished more […]