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Spammers are getting tricky, I tell you! It wasn’t enough to send us emails from people who could TOTALLY be folks I know, like “Reginald M. Jabberwocky” and “Anthouse Maltextract, III”, and putting in totally enticing subject headers like “u r smal? get girth fastly!” Now they’re appealing to everyone with a guilt complex. Today […]

Who’s the king of unfulfilled promises? (Points to self) This guy!!! Here is the batch of Charles pictures I promised would be up on Friday. Forgive me; I know not how stupid I am.

Go see “In The Heights” on Broadway, as it is totally rad. Don’t believe me? Here’s what the NY Times had to say on the subject. I think they’re pretty much spot-on, which means I agree with the Times on something, a scary thought. The music and dancing are FANTASTIC (the pit orchestra is particularly […]

Okay, so here is what has been going on, and it is crazy.

We have a new customer at work, about whom I can basically say nothing, except that

it’s actually a pretty cool client to work with, and contractual obligations have required us to have things in place on an INSANE timetable.

So, […]

Charles has been busy, again. Woo!