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Sshhh….the Phillies have won four in a row and are only 3 games back of the Mets…if they win this afternoon’s game they will be 2 games back, and facing the Marlins over the weekend, while the Mets have to go up against Atlanta…

I’m not saying. I’m just saying.

In other news, […]

Sorry for the complete lapse in postings, but things have been cuh-razy up ins. I spent most of last week in Philadelphia, and then we all had to take turns fighting off the cold that Charles gave us. (It manifested itself, in his case, as pinkeye, which was REALLY EXTRA FUN TIMES! We didn’t get […]

I spent most of last week driving to and from King of Prussia, PA (hence the lack of posts), and here is what I can report to you: I-476 and I-76 are the worst system of roads of any place I’ve been to, and include both Staten Island and Boston in that statement. Pretty much […]

What the heck, man. How is it possible that I can have gained 10 pounds but still completely fit into all my pants? Am I gaining fat in my knees and feet? What the crap?

What makes it all the more annoying is that I thought I had been reasonably good for the last […]

I try to avoid commenting on current events, because I really don’t know what I’m talking about most of the time, and because you find better commentary other places. Really, you could find better commentary on MySpace, I think. So the bad news is, I can’t let the I-35W Bridge Collapse pass without some sort […]

This is the worst short story ever. By me. Based on true events from Monday.

Robert didn’t think of himself as high-strung. He was a pretty relaxed individual. Which is why it was such a surprise when he killed that guy.

All he’d wanted to do was go for a bike ride. So […]