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Baby is out! May I introduce: Charles Matthew Hearn.

I’ll have more details tomorrow, including a lengthy description of the process, which started out Nicely, moved into Painful, spent a lot of time in Surreal, and finished in Exhausted but Happy, for all parties. Right now it’s 3 in the damned morning and I […]

Baby’s still in there, and really, really, REALLY does not want to come out:

We had one more ultrasound, and then our doctor tried to lose his watch inside my wife, and has informed us that we will be getting induced on Tuesday, if the baby hasn’t try to wiggle out sooner. She […]

The kid continues to be irritating, what with its steadfast refusal to enter the cold, angry world, breathe deep the sour medicinal air, and submit itself to the incompetent care that only I can provide it. So I took the opportunity to buy some consumer electronics.

The Radio Shack near us, in University Plaza, […]

Okay, this baby is just f&%#ing with us now.

Last night we went out to dinner, and when we got home, Sarah started having what she described as “something.” So we waited to see if it would turn into actual contractions, but eventually it stopped, whatever it was. So we went to sleep.


My homeskillet Craig normally doesn’t send these around, of course, but this was so awesome he just HAD to. Which means, DUH, that I had to post my reply online, because this is one of the few things I do in which I’m actually semi-funny.

1. What time did you get up this morning? […]

Computers are frustrating devices. Sometimes they work; sometimes, they don’t. Sometimes, it rains. Think about that for a minute.

Sorry, lost my train of thought. Anyway, I’ve been having problems with my laptop at work, based on the fact that it was hand-me-down when I got it, and that was in late 2002. So […]

Baby production update: no change. Sarah went to the doctor on Friday, and nothing much is happening in The Area, as it were; no dilation, no dropping of baby, none of that good stuff. Of course, that can all change in a matter of hours. The best the doctors can tell is whether the baby […]

After 4 months of low-carb dieting, here is what I have been reduced to: this morning, I ate chocolate pudding for breakfast.

No sugar, no calorie pudding, but pudding nonetheless.

When I started the diet, I was almost looking forward to it: eggs and bacon every morning! Woohoo! I love eggs!

I […]

Not surprisingly, I have allergies. Seems like everybody in America has them, which I think is one way you can tell that Darwinism has been pretty much wiped out by modern medicine and the welfare state. Someone who periodically finds they can’t breathe isn’t going to make it past age 10 in 18th century New […]

We had us a busy weekend, yo, seriously serious. Saturday Sarah had a shower, so I planned to have all the guys over to watch sports and grill things. But I had a rehearsal on Saturday morning, which meant that Thursday and Friday were spent cleaning and organizing and in general making the house into […]