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Today’s topic: The Philadelphia Phillies!

Now, I wouldn’t blame you for disappearing. A sizeable chunk of my readers don’t really care about sports, and the rest know me well enough to realize that I know less about sports than I do about Green Party internal politics. For the one person who stayed: I’ll try […]

We have ants.

Well, in truth, we’ve always had ants, or at least ever since we moved in to the current iteration of Hearndom II. (My parents, for always and forever, shall reside at the original Hearndom.) They appeared our first summer in the new house, then the second spring, and now in the […]

Now, everybody just calm down. Before you work yourselves up into some kind of acidic lather over the Vice President’s “accident” (Jon Stewart has been basically having a weeklong drooling seizure of joy, and has peed his pants on the air twice), let’s all just take a deep breath, and repeat this mantra: “Sometimes stuff […]


Just two three notes:

If you mildly confused by the above, see here. Obviously, that is my nephew Nathaniel, with his mother. Both are awesome. As is Gabe, who was hiding somewhere. Photo credit goes to my father, who somehow inherited my wife’s skeelz with the lenzez but passed […]

So: snow. As I believe Lord Byron put it, “A metric buttload thereof.” Winter has finally arrived, and with a vengeance: we got about a foot, which put the kye-bosh on church yesterday morning. Our neighborhood had actually gotten one pass of the plow when I got up to check the cancellations at 7:30, and […]

There three important things that you should probably know about me:

I am not very bright. I am a perfectionist. I am very lazy.

Numbers 2 and 3 are particularly important, because it explains things like why I live in filth both at work and at home. With a little effort, I could clean, and […]

Last night I dreamt my wife was in labor. (Normal, after-9-months labor, not labor now, which would be at 6 months and would be beyond worrisome.) Even in the dreams, it took what felt like days, and we never even got to any really painful, drippy parts. Unless you count when (in the dream) my […]

One of the things that my father taught me when I was a wee lad was: if you have an opportunity to play golf in the rain in February, that’s a an opportunity of which you need to take advantage. Even if you have the flu. (My father also taught me that motor oil ain’t […]

On the minus side: I didn’t do any strong updates this week.

On the plus side: I’m not dead.

Tuesday night, I started feeling a little scratchy, and it got worse and worse such that by Tuesday night I knew I had a full-blown cold. Man, would THAT have been awesome, had it […]