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OMG lol more pictures of my favoritest nephew EVAH wtf lol!1!!!!!!1!!!one

(Click ’em to see ’em hell of bigger.)


I hate toilets. Or, for my from-downstate readers, terlets. They are not nice appliances, which I think is a result of having to do such a dirty job. If you had to handle the vast amount of waste that I produce every day, not to mention periodically have to stare up at my winking browneye, […]

Awright awright awright okay now LADIES.

Here’s the new thing I’ve been working on for like 8 years, it seems:

Kate’s South Pacific Photo Galleries!!!!!11!!!!!!!one

One of the other nice actors in the show with us, Kate Wright, took something like 800,420 pictures with her phat digicam, and gave us CDs chock […]

I’m an uncle!!! Meet Nathaniel Thomas Hornberger, born August 23rd, 2005:

I was hoping to have the South Pacific galleries up today, but I showed them to a couple of my so-called friends, who have informed me that they look like edit because I designed them on a 1600×1200 21″ monitor. So I must do some resizing. Hopefully they’ll be up later in the week. Meanwhile, […]

I wasn’t planning to do any updates today, ’cause I’m lazy and fat, but I wanted to throw a quick thing up. I am currently holding a “BIG TEXAS® Cinnamon Roll” from a vending machine here at work. It’s unclear what, exactly, makes it “TEXAS” (or more properly “Texan”), since

I have been to Texas […]

In which Comcast does me a solid:

Saturday morning, Sarah and I were packing for a short overnight trip, and cleaning the house a bit, and watching a bit of TV. Every so often, the DVR cable box would blip off and immediately turn back on, which was annoying; we didn’t really think anything […]

I think I’m basically a good person. I don’t kill people, I don’t steal things, I don’t run people off the road for driving slowly in the left lane of the interstate (although when I get elected Supreme Emperor, one of the first things I’m going to do is develop a device to be installed […]

So we closed up South Pacific this weekend, and I’d like to report that it was FREAKIN’ HOT. I don’t mean hot in the sense that the show itself was spectacular, though this was so, but in the sense that it was something like 85 degrees and 70% humidity every bloody night.

My costume […]

I’ve been off the Atkins Diet for about 3 months now (and of course have gained roughly 30 pounds), and I still haven’t gotten over how delicious cereal tastes. I missed it so much, and now I’m eating stuff that I never had an interest in before. Who’d’ve thought that Apple Jacks (or the Acme-brand […]