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I am a coiner of words. Nothing major, mind you, but I’ve added a few idioms to the local vocabulary in my time, most notably the alternate meaning of “jaunt,” which would basically mean “stuff.” As in, “Stop touching my jaunt or I will pummel you without mercy.”

I am also very interested in […]

Word of the day: irrefragable (i ‘ref ruh guh buhl); adjective. Impossible to refute or dispute; incontrovertible. (Probably ©2004 wordsmith.org.)

Can I use the word in a sentence? Aw hells yes:

The fact that Matt Hearn is the coolest dude to come out of Delaware since George Thorogood is irrefragable.

Okay, moving […]

Ooh! Ooh! When I wrote yesterday’s post about the Brigadoon-related events of last Saturday, I left out the REALLY interesting stuff about what I did that morning! Involving brake dust, horrific odor, maggots, and extreme back pain! It was happy fun times at Hearndom II, I tell you.

(Note: this is a long post, […]

Brigadoon update: Orchestras are cool. Particularly good ones, that play in tune, and can follow tempo. Especially ones that can even follow along when I insert random pauses in the lines I’m singing, which happens a lot when I “emote.”

Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too over the top; my range of emotions when […]

‘Nother batch o’ B-doon pixtures. Probably the last decent batch of actual stage scenes I’ll be able to put up, although I’ll try to keep getting fun candids of my various costars and stuff. Aw, snap.

The rain better hold off tonight; I don’t want to have to go postal on God.

Do you ever write a nasty note to a technical support group of some kind, and then when you receive a reply email, hesitate to open it because you know the techie wimp that sent it is going to sound all nice and reasonable, and have resolved your issue, and you’re going to feel like […]

Oops: Dumb Matt forgot to post a message on here noting the NEW BRIGADOON PICTURES yesterday when he actually uploaded them. The usual lesson can be gleaned from this: I am an idiot.

The new pictures include one final one from Aldersgate, and 18 more from Longwood, where we started rehearsing on Monday.


Matt Hearn’s lifetime Brandywiners’ League Softball statistics: 3 for 4, 2 runs, 2 RBI, 2 errors. I’m like some kind of palsied Babe Ruth! Although not as fat! But probably nearly as drunk!

The game was part of the Brandywiners’ Family Picnic at Breck’s Mill on Saturday, which also involved volleyball, free booze, frisbee […]

Hey, Matt has nothing funny to write about today! (Hey, you’re getting this for free. If you’re expecting quality, go buy a New Yorker or a Hustler or something.) When Matt has nothing to write about, you get either pictures or poetry; today is poetry, or rather, a pretty cool song. (I think I’m turning […]

Biggest Brigadoon Pic Upload Yet!

Bad news: I’m in almost every picture. Good news: So is Jennifer, so hopefully she can distract you from my jowly visage.

All the pictures in this batch were taken by Sarah, so they’re actually all really good.