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You know why everyone hates the Yankees? Here’s an example, a text message I received from my buddy Courtney at midnight last night: YANKS 4 LIFE BIATCH!!! THE CHAMPS ARE HERE!!! That’s why. Dammit I’m depressed.


Keith “Large Head” Olbermann compiled a great post he calls The Nine Smartest Plays In World Series History. Absotively worth a read, even if I do disagree with number 1. Number 3 struck me, for some reason: The story is well-known to this day; Gibson, aching, knees swollen, limping, somehow creeps to the batter’s box […]


Stupid baseball, making me and the Phanatic all depressed.

(Photo: Melody Kramer.)

Time for a repeat

Hey look, the Phillies are back in the World Series. Their opponent is not yet determined, but as the Yankees are up three games to one, I doubt it will be the Angels. So, for a brief moment, let us discuss the matchup between the Phils and the Yankees, position by position. Keep in mind […]

The Big Piece

I love Ryan Howard. Not as much as I love, say, Chase Utley, but I love him nonetheless. A quote from Cliff Lee, the Phils starting pitcher for yesterday’s game: That hit by Howard was the biggest and most impressive hit I’ve seen in my career. The only thing that might have made it better […]


The Phillies continue to figure in the decline of my health. Last night’s game started shortly after 10pm and didn’t complete until 2 the frick 14 in the morning. Surprisingly, I managed to stay up for the entire thing, fueled by coffee and scotch. As a result, of course, I want to go back to […]

Closer to a closer

I usually remember that Keith Olbermann is wicked smaht, but I always forget that he writes very well. His act was always the same. He was there when the park opened, and he stayed till it closed. And any time he thought Mauch could possibly see him, he raised his sign, which read, simply “BUNNING.” […]

One man, Three outs

I could watch this over and over. And, in fact, I shall probably do just that.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Cleveland Indians fan? Nurse The Hate can tell you. (Note: naughty words.) Once again the white flag of surrender proudly flies over Progressive Field, and the team has sent all the core players packing, unable to pay them what the market will pay in upcoming seasons. It’s […]


Got to go see the Phils yesterday, for the first time all season. Better yet, the ticket was free, thanks to my buddy Noah and his ill-timed Cancun vacation. I would have pressed harder to pay him for the ticket, but at game-time it was raining and I’m pretty sure he was laying on […]