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Earthquakes and Hurricanes and Bears, oh my

Hopefully Hurricane Irene doesn’t result in my untimely and violent demise. […]


As I believe this gentleman would say: “Things are about to be unpleasant for you.” I’d like to show you a picture of the sky, which is currently as black as my wife’s zombie heart, but I’m far too lazy to go downstairs and do it. Instead:



Go away

I am so tired of the rain that I may do an Anti-Rain Dance. I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but I think it will entail drinking a crapload of Olde Fenestre while shaking my fist at the sky and yelling “Thank you God! Thank you so bloody much!“

Phillies games keep getting […]

Mmmm…autumn. The time of year when I leave my house in a heavy jacket and long pants because it’s 54 degrees at 9am, and end up having to strip to my knickers when I get out of work because it’s over 80 and the AC in the house isn’t on. I kid, because this is […]

Welcome to Spring! It couldn’t have come soon enough, as far as I’m concerned. You may recall last week we had SNOW, and just 4 days ago the wind and rain and temperatures were that of a normal January day. And it sucked. Like whoa.

Now we’re going to get a week of warm […]

I know nobody really wants to read about the weather; either you’re local to me, and already aware of it, or you’re not, in which case it’s not a concern for you. Nevertheless, what in the ham-handed hell? There was SNOW this morning in North Wilmington, which is like 10 miles north of me. It […]

In which I hate technology, and technology hates me right back.(All up in my grill, yo.)

It’s heck of warm out today (low 60s), so, being a forward-thinking individual, I thought to myself yesterday “I should TOTALLY go running at work and try to eliminate the enormous amount of fat located between my crotch […]

Okay, so uh, what’s in the news? Apparently that girl Anna Nicole Smith died, but I joked about that yesterday. (Was it too soon? The response I got from the interwebs was cold, to say the least.) There’s some banshee crazy astronaut ho that drove from Texas to Florida in DIAPERS to kidnap and likely […]

Man, weird weather up in this mix. The temps are going to hit 60 today, and we’ve had this disturbing fog hovering over us, now in its third day. I can’t say I’m thrilled about it, since I keep having to drive all over creation. It’s like God farted, dude, and it’s just LINGERING.


Went I went out to my car this morning, there was frost on it. And the grass. It’s winter! Yaaaaay!

It’ll probably be in the 80s next week. And people wonder why I spend this time of year heavily sick. I’m lucking out at the moment; I’m sure I’ll catch the full-blown flu the […]