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I hope everyone is surviving this devastating blizzard and haven’t had a roof collapse under the weight of all this snow. </SARCASM> At least the Brandywine School District behaved a bit more rationally last night than they had yesterday morning; after dismissing all the schools at lunch time because of light flurries, they held off […]

A gentle whirr goes silent

Sometimes, even the best hacks can’t save the lives of our electronic friends. […]

Dying Heron

The Big Picture has a rage-inducing set of photographs of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The most depressing: A young heron sits dying amidst oil splattering underneath mangrove on an island impacted by oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Barataria Bay, along the the coast of Louisiana on Sunday, May […]


Beware: many of these pictures of the Haiti Earthquake are unpleasant, involving nasty injuries and dead bodies.

Have you donated to the Red Cross?

Worst Christmas card ever

Andrew Sullivan’s filler-in-ers have been posting links to “depressing Christmas songs,” and of course how can you do that without Tom Waits?


You know why everyone hates the Yankees? Here’s an example, a text message I received from my buddy Courtney at midnight last night: YANKS 4 LIFE BIATCH!!! THE CHAMPS ARE HERE!!! That’s why. Dammit I’m depressed.


Stupid baseball, making me and the Phanatic all depressed.

(Photo: Melody Kramer.)


Noooooooo! Les Paul has died. He was exactly one day older than my paternal maternal grandfather, my oldest living relative. Damn.

Update: Apparently I don’t know what paternal means. At least I caught it before I got rude comments! (Not that I won’t still receive rude comments. Just that, you know, I fixed it first.)


Life moves pretty fast

John Hughes died yesterday. He was slightly older than my parents, which means he was too young. I am not qualified to comment on his life and work, so I point you to someone who is.

Back to baking it is, then

Pretty good article on the demise of the Three Little Bakers Dinner Theater. I’d seen a bunch of shows there, particularly with friends appearing therein. I knew it had gone out of business, but was surprised to find out they’ve actually knocked the theater down and are building some kind of medical complex there. Tough […]