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A gentle whirr goes silent

Sometimes, even the best hacks can’t save the lives of our electronic friends. […]

They see me rollin’

Wow, I meant to post this earlier in the week and completely forgot. Who’s smart and has two thumbs? Not Matt Hearn. Ihavenowcutoffmythumbsaspunishment.Itmakesusingthespacebarsomewhat…challenging.

Okay, I figured out a way I can use my forehead to hit the space bar as necessary. So, where were we? After we had our 3,483rd child (possibly an exaggeration) last […]


Do you have an iPhone? Did you feel that a plastic case was unnecessary? Did you then drop it face first onto concrete and shatter the glass? Did you then take it back to Apple? Did they tell you it would cost $199 to replace even if you paid for an AppleCare plan? Did you […]

I still get Saruman and Sauron confused

I’m getting caught up on XKCD and came across something that wasted a solid 10 minutes of my life, and I don’t even LIKE LOtR. (Click it to get the hugey-big readable version.)

Who ya gonna call?

Remember the other day when I linked you to BLDG BLOG? You need to go check out a post on there with plot ideas for Ghostbusters III. I have to say, I would watch this so hard: It’s 1997. NYNEX is on the verge of being purchased by Bell Atlantic, after which point it will […]

A beautiful day for golf

Mike “Gabe” Krahulik doesn’t like Tiger Woods Golf (scroll down to his entry, under Jerry’s). I don’t know why I keep buying Tiger Woods games every year. …Tiger is essentially an RPG. That is to say as you play, your skills improve and you get better equipment. That’s just not what I want from a […]

Nuclear feeding

As a father who is also a geek, I have a question for nurses, childcare professionals, physicists, etc. Can someone explain to me why I can’t warm breast milk in a microwave?

Sarah and I got into a small argument the other day, and I acceded to her wishes, but it doesn’t make any sense […]

They chose…poorly

If you’re a dork like me, you love to read things like this: 15 Classic PC Design Mistakes. Note that while it says “PC,” it means this in the broadest sense; Macs and Apples are included, as are a number of old “legacy” systems. If you like that, you should also check out: the Ten […]

I got a new camera. Happy birthday to me!

ADDITIONAL UPDATE, YO!: Mondo pictures over at CharlesHearn.com. Fact: Charles is awesome.

Link day, y’all! HECK YES! I got a new haircut yesterday, and trust me, I definitely considered this. It was simply fear of my violent wife’s wrath that kept me looking my usual self. It’s new! It’s fast! It…is it frowning at me? That’s an interesting marketing ploy. I admit: in an effort to understand […]