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Took Charles to the doctor this morning for a checkup. I always enjoy those, when I have occasion to go, as it’s fun to find out what records he may be breaking as far as weight and height. As of this morning he weighs 21 pounds, 13 ounces, which is very large, and is 30.75 inches long, which is just ridiculous. That’s the height of a 14-month-old. He also, for a brief moment, held his own bottle while sucking on it.

Unfortunately, the great mirth was broken up by the fact that he had to get shots. The nurses came in (they work in teams, one on each leg, to make things go quickly, since he needed four shots today) and started getting set up while I distracted him. Then they started wiping his legs with alcohol, and he got a look on his face that seemed to say, “Hey, wait a minute…deja vu.” Then I held his arms so he wouldn’t flail around and impale a finger in a needle, and I swear he realized what was about to happen, and looked up at me as if to say, “Et tu, jerk?”

The nurses jabbed away, which took all of 15 seconds, during which he screamed, and then once he’d been suitably band-aided up, I picked him up to console him, and he looked at the nurses and giggled. What a faker. I think he was more angry I held his arms down so he couldn’t lift his head up and watch the needles go in.

The doctor’s name (our usual guy was caught in traffic because some idiot clipped a school bus and flipped his Explorer on 95), incidentally, was Hearn. Charles seemed to be fond of her, but then, he’s a lady’s man. Daddy is jealous.

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