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It wouldn’t be a fitness program without setbacks; today’s snow is going to make it impossible to either run or bike, so it’ll be a good lifting session followed by…well, that’s about it. I had a little difficulty with diet last night; had a solid chicken dinner and then there were leftover Rice Krispy Treats and I found some fritos, and we made pesto for tonight’s dinner that turned out to be really good on leftover cheesy toast from a weekend party. All in all I was probably not far off 2000 calories for the day anyway, though I didn’t measure carefully as I should’ve, and I did get a good 1500 yards in the pool so that probably burned a few hundred calories. Simply not eating until 1pm does wonders for one’s caloric intake, of course.

About that pesto: turns out to be delightfully easy to make in a food processor. A panload of basil, some cheese, olive oil, pine nuts, salt and pepper. Hella yum, and aside from the little bit of oil and nuts, largely calorie-free flava. I’m looking forward to piling it on pork tonight and inhaling it.

Yesterday’s workout: 1500 yards freestyle swim in about 32 minutes, along with 30 chins and 30 pushups with my legs elevated. Didn’t do any plank work ’cause I’m a lazy git. Planned for today: deadlifts and bench presses. I’ll fill you in tomorrow on how that went, and whether I managed to not eat like a punk.

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