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Good gravy, what a day. At work we racked six (6) large unix servers, which requires putting special slidey rails into big racks, then taking them out and doing it again, because we either put them in backwards or used the wrong screws, meaning that the server could fall out of the rails and crunch. Since each of them is worth more than my car by an order of magnitude, we thought it best to do the job right. Took about six hours.
It also meant that I didn’t get to work out, which is greatly annoying because I’m still fat. Tonight I may have to get on the exercise bike, but I may just skip it because I hiked and ran in the woods for 100 minutes yesterday to combat the effects of the 8 beers and 3 platters of sushi I ate afterwards.
In short, I’m exhausted, which along with the fact that I’m composing this on my iPhone while pushing Charles’s swing explains both the crappiness and brevity of this post.
Have a pimpslappinous weekend, allsayalls!

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