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Best movie reviews EVER.

In case you hadn’t heard, I have just a crapload of children, I swear there’s like 17 of ’em running around the house. As a result, I haven’t seen a movie in a theatre since, if I remember correctly, “Quantum of Solace.” (Which was not as good as Casino Royale, but I’m still pretty excited […]

I can squat you.

It’s still Monday in Guam or somewhere, right? Good enough.

You may or may not (probably not) be curious about what’s been going on with my fitness program. Well, here’s the low diggity down. Since mid-November I’ve been what’s called “bulking,” which means deliberately putting on weight to add muscle. You’re probably thinking, “Dude, uh, […]

burger king

I know I said last week that I’d be doing updates every Monday, but yesterday was a holiday, so I’m not counting it. Today’s my Monday. Take that.

I don’t know if you subscribe to the “Albuquerque Journal of Grease” (the, and I mean THE, paper of record on everything pertaining to fast food, and […]

Twenty and Twelve

I hope you all had a blissful, gift-filled, alcohol-fueled holiday season, which of course doesn’t FULLY conclude until my birthday later in the month. Like most Americans, I have made resolutions. Unlike most Americans, they don’t have much to do with fitness, because I am already in the middle of my lifelong fitness resolution (more […]