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Come on Irene

I probably should not have spent Friday and Saturday making fun of all the people who were frantically running around buying up all the batteries, milk, bread, and gasoline. Irene exacted a measure of revenge, although I should be clear nothing terribly serious happened, nobody was hurt, and I suspect insurance will take care of […]

Earthquakes and Hurricanes and Bears, oh my

Hopefully Hurricane Irene doesn’t result in my untimely and violent demise. […]

Straight truth, son

As promised, here is the list of important facts that I have learned about fat-loss and weightlifting over the past 10+ months. It is not what you would describe as “exhaustive” for the simple reason that my memory was pretty bad before I started cycling Oxymetholone. (Just kidding! Har!)

Important fact number 1: it is […]

Everybody Cut, Everybody Cut

To recap a bit: so far on my journey t’ward fitness, I’ve done a low carb diet while doing various dumbbell and bodyweight exercises; an extremely ill-advised hypertrophy routine while eating like a pig; and Starting Strength, while alternately dieting and eating. From a weightlifting perspective, I had the most success doing SS, getting my […]


In order that this site feels less like a juicehead blog and more like something that the average person would actually enjoy reading, I’m taking a quick break from the recounting of my “fitness journey” to hit on a few things that have been bothering me lately.

Can someone explain to me how the “offsides” […]


So after spending 3 months dropping fat like it was hot, and building strength, I found myself wanting to switch programs. I was tired of doing rinky dinky stuff like “scapula raises” and “seated rows to neck,” and wanted to do a complete barbell routine with bench presses and squats and deadlifts, oh my. I […]

Knowledge Bombs and D-bags

When last we left the narrative, I was eating enough rare red meat that I was becoming ruminant, while doing an odd variety of exercises designed to keep me interested and build muscklez. I did some poking around on the Men’s Health TNT Diet, and discovered the Men’s Health Forums, which led to significant changes […]

The Fad Diet

Haha! You thought I wouldn’t post again for like 3 years, didn’t you? You were wrong! Although to be honest I think the odds on two posts in one week on this blog were 75:1 when I checked with my bookie yesterday afternoon (his name is Hmayek, he is from Armenia, he loves taking NBA […]

In which my recent absence is explained

This is yet another in the seemingly unending series of posts in which I say “Sorry I haven’t been posting!” and “I’m going to start posting more!” followed by disappearing into the ether for another 4-7 months because I’m a schmuck.

My bad.

It’s not deliberate. I still feel that explanations are owed, however, so […]