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Josephine receives a kitty card from her lovely Auntie Rach. In lieu of subtitles, here’s how it went down: “Kitty! Meow!” ::hug::

Losin’ it

Newsflash: I am a HUGE nerd. Like, staggering. Wait, let’s back up.

A few weeks ago, Brian revealed to me that he had ordered a new diet book, the TNT Diet, off of eBay for like $4. I found it on Amazon for like $6 (the price appears to have gone up), and since I […]

Peace and concord

I find this hilarious. This is the current picture that’s up on the website for Concord Mall:

As someone who works roughly 1/4 mile from the Concord Mall, I’d like to ask: where in the hell was that picture taken? It certainly wasn’t at the mall. It wasn’t anywhere NEAR the mall. Believe me […]

Save me, Jebus

Who got a perfect score (15 out of 15) on this quiz about general religious knowledge? THIS GUY. Take the quiz, and then check out the demographic information. The second most knowledgeable were Atheists/Agnostics. “Worship Service Attendance” (weekly, monthly/yearly, seldom/never) had almost no correlation to increased knowledge. All in all a pretty interesting result.