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Get it? No?

I can’t decide if this is funny or not. Thoughts?

I am not an economic genius. My grasp of world-wide fiscal issues is worse than tenuous. But certain things seem obvious: it’s probably better for people to be working and earning an income than not. This is why I’ve greatly enjoyed a post from Karl Smith and a follow-up from Matthew Yglesias (whose twitter handle […]


Been enjoying the “About My Job” series over at Andrew Sullivan’s crib. Two of them in particular resonated. A community college professor (and apologies, ’cause it’s kinda long): I believe the assumption is that instructors are the product of a liberal-biased education and then we decide to join that liberal bastion and are just going […]

US Closed-off

I am not a patient person. Among my manifold faults, impatience is the greatest and most shameful. It causes me to be a worse father than I should be, and, coupled with a twisted sense of justice, a particularly bad driver. So you can only imagine how much I enjoyed waiting in line at the […]

I bet Mailer cursed like a sailor

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post, I came across this, which is only tangentially related: an old article at The Atlantic about the “real” Second World War. It discusses the remarkable dichotomy between the way the war was reported to the public, particularly in America, and the way real soldiers would describe the combat: In […]