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Condensed hatred

Now. We all know that I love my iPhone. It’s like a tiny God. (For a time, I even named it “Cohen,” after the Jewish tribe of Aaron, those responsible for priestly duties, because it is my immediate and direct contact to the great infinite deity that is The Internets. Now it’s named the Admirable […]

Be good, for goodness sake


‘Tis bettet to give than receive, says Scott Meyer:


Worst Christmas card ever

Andrew Sullivan’s filler-in-ers have been posting links to “depressing Christmas songs,” and of course how can you do that without Tom Waits?


So the other day I was poking around Amazon, looking for Christmas presents for my peeps and bopeeps, and came across Adam Lambert’s new album, which I would never buy. The album cover made me giggle, so I sent a link to my boy Brian:

(I believe the comment I made was, “In a […]

Can you count to 81?

You like number games? Sudoku? Ken-Ken? Then take Numbrix to the house. You’ll be glad you did! Also you’ll be ensmarten’d.

Idiots (myself included)

Argh. In my post from Friday, I linked to an article at Delaware Online that I believed was recent, and it turns out to be from several years ago. The bed and breakfast mentioned there-in is actually up the street from me, and my father told me that it went out of business several years […]

The ‘Mont

Here’s a nice story about the emerging awesomeness of my new ‘hood: A growing group of residents and business owners – new and old – wants to uncover Claymont’s built-in beauty, revive its flagging spirit and improve its sagging property values.

The goal is daunting, but the coalition has not recoiled from the fact that […]

Trains and automobiles; no planes

It’s the most craziest tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear! Also: It’s gettin’, it’s gettin’, it’s gettin’ kinda hectic. We’re trying to take the kids to as much cool holiday stuff as possible, so Saturday we dragged both urchins and both of Sarah’s parents to the Auburn Heights Preserve, which I honestly had never even heard of […]