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Clean and jerk

I, for one, fully support this type of exercise.

Milo and Kaylee

Yep, this choked me up. I’m such a softie. (h/t Andrew.)

Time for a repeat

Hey look, the Phillies are back in the World Series. Their opponent is not yet determined, but as the Yankees are up three games to one, I doubt it will be the Angels. So, for a brief moment, let us discuss the matchup between the Phils and the Yankees, position by position. Keep in mind […]

Freedom and equality

A touching speech from a decorated World War II veteran on what he fought for:

2 thumbs, way up

Richard over at Honest Hypocrite tweeted this gem from Roger Ebert. Ebert had previously blogged on the rational reasons for universal health care, and used his platform to lay out the moral imperative for it, as well as respond to some commenters. A few good quotes: Many of my readers opposed the Obama plan… here, […]

Strengthen, not weaken

Maine is the latest battleground for marriage equality, because of Question 1, a referendum to repeal a bill signed into law in May that legalized same-sex marriage. Recent polling seems to indicate that Mainers are on the side of equality. One Bangor newspaper editorial made what should be an obvious point: It is hard to […]


I found this picture of your mom, taken by Joshua Hoffine, an artist specializing in “horror photography,” aka pictures of your mom.

I should print one out and hang it in Charles’s room, right?

Burn, baby, burn

I now know far more than I really wanted to about my oil boiler. (Who am I kidding? That thing is fricking PIMP. It’s apparently the best boiler that money can buy, and it’s built like a brit shickhouse.)

After running it out of oil the other day and suffering through a night where the […]

400 billion suns

Just watch.

Ice cold! All right all right all right etc.

It is cold. It is mid-December cold, in mid-October. As much as I enjoy a nice cold, snowy winter, this is ridickerous.

Worse yet: we were led to believe that our new house had a full tank of oil, enough to last 2 or 3 months, as we have a double tank totalling about 550 […]