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Shoulda put a ring on it

HW and I got engaged over a decade ago, long before it became vogue for the recently affianced to hire a professional photographer to follow you around a municipal park for three hours, posing pictures on rocks and flora. (We got our professional engagement photo taken at J.C. Penney’s, I think.) So we missed out, […]

Closer to a closer

I usually remember that Keith Olbermann is wicked smaht, but I always forget that he writes very well. His act was always the same. He was there when the park opened, and he stayed till it closed. And any time he thought Mauch could possibly see him, he raised his sign, which read, simply “BUNNING.” […]


99 Bricks! It’s like Tetris, but…the opposite, I think? It’s way harder than it seems to be. My top score so far is 360.

Difference engine

Charles Babbage was so misunderstood.

Best of all time

This killed me. And you can do it with any site! Brilliant.

Synthesize this

You know how you had plans for today? Yeah…not anymore.


Wow! Slaughtering all the pigs in an entire country to combat swine flu was a bad idea? Whodathunkit!

Birthin’ some babies

The study actually has so many caveats that it’s almost useless as a predictor of anything, but the headline sure is eye-grabbin’: Teen birth rates highest in most religious states.


Wow. I don’t think even I could eat this. (ThisIsWhyYou’reFat.com)


Well, duh: