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Long day

Been a busy day, so no significant updates, but here’s a few amusements for ye:

I went to high school here. Fire! Awesome. One for the baseball fans; this killed me. You don’t have to be scared of vegetarians. Oh crap. Apparently this is real. Why won’t she just go away? Sorry for the light […]

Eggs and . . .

The internet being what it is, my recent website alterations have led to a lot of spam comments. Even more than regular comments! This shouldn’t be surprising, since I have two readers.

So, I’ve added a plug-in that does some kind of magic involving hash strings and other crap I don’t understand, the end result […]

American Poop-dol

Here is why I don’t normally watch American Idol: because of hacks like Allison Whatsherbutt, who deafened me for a while last night. She sang “Someone To Watch Over Me,” one of the best songs ever put to lined paper, like a pig in an abattoir. Good job, Allison: you can song really frickin’ loud. […]

Help yourself

Chris Hardwick over at nerdist.com has an interesting post on confidence. The gist: know how to do something that you love, really well. Even if you’re in a situation where that expertise doesn’t really apply, the simple fact that you’re really good at something can be a subconscious morale booster.


You know what I need? Better hair products. I have acres, nay, bushels of various mousses, pastes, gels, and sprays, and not one of them really makes my hair do what I want it to do consistently. I’m sure many of you feel the same way, right? Right?

Rudolph Valentino's Greasy Coif

Back in […]

Hitting good, pitching…less good

So the Phils have quietly and sneakily crept back into first place with last night’s win over the Natinals. Well, maybe not sneakily; Monday’s win was effected via two, count ’em, two grand slams, one from Ryan Howard to tie it up early, and then another from Raul “RBI” IbaƱez in the bottom of the […]

Money money money money (money)

I’ve figured out the financial situation.

Well, that’s not true. What I’ve figured out is why a pure free market economy, with no regulation, has no hope of working. Or rather, I’ve figured out a way to explain it in terms that makes sense to me.

(I guess I haven’t figured out a damn thing, […]

You’d have to be me

I’ve decided that my name should be a pejorative adjective. For example: Man, how clumsy do you have to be to cut your finger on a piece of fashion jewelry? You’d have to be Matt Hearn clumsy to do that.

(Indeed, I managed to cut my thumb on silver ring my wife bought me for […]

A reason for living

Oh…oh god. Yes. YES.


(Hat tip: The Llij.)

The nizooooz sho’ty

Just put your headphones on and click play. Over and over. I can’t stop watching this.

Mad ups to Rachel Maddow for enlightening me to this.