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(Nose) Burning Questions

Can someone explain to me why you’re not allowed to smoke anywhere but a specially constructed, hermetically sealed, underground iron box, but it’s perfectly legal for people to drench themselves in cheap perfume and go out in public?

I went to church yesterday; I didn’t have to sing, so for the first time in […]

The Art

Just a quick note: if you like photography at all, check out 2008 in Photographs at boston.com. Some of them are mildly graphic, but they make you click before they’ll load the really nasty ones (a dude with a seriously gushing head wound, and a dead child). Some of them are simply awe-inspiring, but all […]

Facebook foolishness

There’s a thing that’s been floating around Facebook like some kind of social disease wherein everyone goes down a list of movies and checks off the ones they’ve seen. I tend to ignore most Facebook crap (I’m currently 0 for 4,374 on “signing up for stupid applications that people have invited me to”), but this […]

Last Link Day of ’08

If you’re curious about what kind of economic downturn we could be facing, check this out. It’s pretty grim. I’m pretty optimistic, personally, but that will probably change if I, say, get fired and take up alcoholism. A couple Youtube clips worth checking out: Widor Toccata. Probably my favorite piece for organ, but holy […]

Gay marriage is heck of rad

Most of my readers (meaning both of them) are probably thoroughly aware of Newsweek’s article, by Lisa Miller, on the religious arguments for and against gay marriage, but on the off chance you missed it, click here. It does a particularly good job of summing up and discarding the conservative religious arguments against same-sex matrimony, […]


I’ve got a great idea: Delaware should legislate the use of the “Clameur de Haro.” I originally thought that it should be enacted for the entirety of the US, but the more I consider it, the more it makes sense as a Delaware-only law, like how Delaware’s the only state that allows you to incorporate […]

Horrible, horrible things to say

A few tidbits:

I wish I hadn’t spent $200+ dollars on “Party Pigs” for my beer because, frankly, they suck. They’re a nice a idea, because bottling beer is a huge hassle and I have a life to live, people, but unfortunately they don’t live up to the hype. They just don’t dispense beer very […]

The argument

This morning, Charles requested eggs and bacon for breakfast. I said sure, why not! and started frying up some bacon which turned out to possibly be a bit old. Charles, being Charles, insisted upon “helping” which meant I was turning bacon with one hand and using the other to try and keep him from sticking […]


I didn’t notice at the time, but that last post was my 600th entry on this so-called “web site.” I’m not sure what to make of this information, really; this has never been a “blog” in the purest sense, since any decent blog puts up multiple posts a day, or at least a week. Aside […]

Baseless nostalgia

Over Thanksgiving, we watched “A Christmas Story,” featuring Peter Billingsley, Scott Farkus, and Bumpus’s Dogs. Great film, which even after watching it all the way through, my wife insists she’s never seen the entirety of. I noted a few strange things (warning: lists within lists a-comin’):

Miss Shields, Ralphie’s schoolteacher, is kinda sneaky hot. Sure, […]