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I didn’t die!

Here’s the secret to surviving a 45-mile charity bicycle ride: get a flat tire 3 miles from the start. I got one, and was in the process of repairing it myself, when a “SAG” (“Support And Gear” or “Support Aid Group,” depending upon whom you ask) van rolled up with a professional who did it […]


Sarah and I went to Baltimore last weekend. Short version? Hella fun. Long version? Here we go:

We got up with Charles on Saturday morning at his usual time, aka 0-dark-30. We played with him a good bit, he jumped on my belly, I almost threw up, just laughs galore. Meanwhile, Sarah got all […]


So HW came home from the grocery store this afternoon, with food, dry goods, and feminine items galore. The latter, oddly enough, appeared to have been purchased third-hand from an offshore supply of East German products.

“Dude, where did you buy those tampons,” I asked. “Communism?”

“Whaddaya mean?” she replied.

“I’m willing […]

Whoomp there it…uh, it isn’t, I guess. What?

Here’s an update, bulleted with a blue sky:

The LiveSTRONG Challenge donations continue apace! A big thanks to everyone who has donated. You’ll all be getting much more personal thanks from me than just a mention on my blog, don’t worry. (The promised hugs will most definitely be forthcoming.) I’ve been training, including doing some […]