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RIP, Professor

As usual, I’m about a year behind hearing about things, so I’m sure all you have seen this: Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams, a 75 minute (so block out the time, people) lecture by Professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon. At the time of the lecture, Dr. Pausch had been fighting pancreatic cancer for […]

In which I give up the body for the love

Here’s the thing: I’m pretty fat. I mean, if you haven’t seen me lately, and all you know of me is my Brigadoon pictures from a ways back, then you might be surprised at the chub that has made itself welcome on my front. I just don’t do, you know, activities. So you know that, […]

Some Charlesage

So the pictures of Charles that I promised would be up last Wednesday or Thursday are up on Tuesday the following week. Don’t let anybody tell you I’m on time, because they would be UNCORRECT.

Click here for the rad. Party on!

Baby Kathryn

Dr. Tea-Gar pointed out in a comment to my last post that I was horribly remiss to not report the birth of my niece. Yeah, I am dumb. Somehow, the birth of my parents’ first granddaughter slipped my mind. And I wasn’t even drinking at the time! Of course, statistics show that I actually have […]


Wow, it’s been like 3 weeks and a day. That is pretty sad, for someone who prides himself on…well…I’m not sure what I pride myself on. Food consumption, I guess, and I’m also remarkably good at growing zits.

Anyway, you might be curious about what’s been going on, but probably not. The new job […]