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Gaming for the bored

Somehow I managed to write this in its entirety last week, and not post it. Good job, Hearn! Idiot. Here it is, a week later:

In lieu of actual humor and important stuff, I give you a modified link day! Today’s links are all games that I’ve come across lately, and they are AWESOME. […]

A Love Letter To Chase Utley

Dear Chase:

I hope you don’t mind me writing so often! I left some messages on what I think is your number (you wouldn’t BELIEVE what I had to do to get it), but you haven’t called. I know you’re SUPER busy, but I just wanted to hear your voice, you know?

I […]

Why, oh why, did I not go into dentistry?

I was getting my molars scraped and poked last week, drool puddling on my chin and dripping onto my collar, when it occurred to me that being a dentist might just be the best job in the history of mankind. Unless you have a particular […]

Are you coming to see The Wizard of Oz at Brandywine High School? It’s running tonight, 4/10, to Saturday 4/12, nightly at 7pm, with a matinee on Saturday at 2. If you AREN’T coming, you better live far away, ’cause I’ll be making a list of everybody I know that doesn’t show up and KICKING […]

It’s been so long since somebody emailed me one of those pointless quiz forwards that I had completely forgotten how AWESOME they are. Awesome in that they give me the means of producing a “hilarious” new post in a matter of minutes because I don’t have to come up with an amusing topic. Heck YES! […]

Bill Simmons, of whom you may have heard, does a podcast every few days in which he interviews amusing folks on various topics. Sometimes they’re national sports figures (usually media personalities), but often they’re just his old college buddies; for example, every week he calls his buddy JackO for a segment he calls “Johnny, Are […]