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The human body is a strange thing. And not just because the last few days mine has been filled with phlegm and other gross things and has been completely unresponsive to medications. (My throat feels like Rachael Ray has been trying to zest it, which, if you aren’t familiar with basic cooking techniques, is less […]

Don’t worry, not dead; we have some doings going on at work lately that have me busting my butt. Hard work not being something to which I am accustomed, it’s all I can do not to go home, squirt Cheeze Whiz into my mouth, and pass out in front of the TV. I have a […]

Charles is as bad as I am about posting, but here’s some new pictures to keep things THRILLED TO THE MAX!

Today’s post is in the style of Samuel Pepys.

Tuesday, 6 November, 16672007

Up, and to lessons; much accomplished on Ravel’s Prelude. The nimbleness of my fingers quickens, despite my recent frustrations. All the morning spent at the computational room, that I might improve the notes thereon, but was denied. Submitted necessary forms […]

WOW. WHEW boy. THAT woke everybody up, didn’t it? Apparently I need to throw a little more controversy up on here! Stir the pot, I guess. Okay, here goes:

Gay men are better at interior decorating than straight men.

Is that going too far?

Anyway, I suppose I should respond to the […]