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Weird Dream Number 1: Saturday night, after hanging out with my college peeps, I dreamt one of them (Todd) was picking a fight in a diner with someone much larger than he. They went outside, and Todd tried a sneak attack in which he punched the guy in the junk three times, but it didn’t […]

This may be the most rambling, disjointed post I’ve ever put on here. And that is seriously saying something.

I dreamt last night that I got my truck back. The circumstances surrounding it were vague, but for some reason I found myself at the Ford dealership, and the guy that originally sold me the […]

Update: I did not get to kiss John Mayer on the mouth. All is sadness. Doubly frustrating, is that because the Tweeter Center sucks, I couldn’t get any pictures. Argh.

Our tickets said something about “NO PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS,” which kinda concerned me, but I thought, well, Canon’s own website describes the Rebel XTi as […]

I’m going to see John Mayer tonight with my sister, and here’s the plan: we’re going to sneak backstage, and then Liz will distract the various roadies and Ben Folds (who is apparently there in “support” of John, which I assume means he’ll just be cupping his balls during the show, which is nice in […]


Heck YES I’m making beer! What, you thought I was playing? Boo, I don’t play when it comes to Germany’s greatest invention. (Was beer invented in Germany? I should look that up. ::wikipediates:: Looks like it was invented in Mesopotamia. How about that.)

Anyway, I’d been wanting to give it a try for a […]

Thank SSCBJ for sick days, or personal days, or mental health days, or whatever it was I used yesterday to get out of most of my workday so I could get some bloody sleep. Bejeebers, I was exhausted.

Since Sarah’s doing the Brandywiners show this year, PLUS taking a class in a subject I […]

Here’s a holla at ye. Let’s start off with: new pictures (just the first 5 are technically “new,” as in posted today). Yay! Yay.

As you are undoubtedly aware, I am what might be most kindly described as “husky,” or, as one of my childhood teachers actually put it, “sturdy.” I wasn’t always this […]

Yeah, I was heck of up all hours of the night for work, so we’re going to do a link day. But before we get to that: have you ever listened to a song, divined what you believe the lyrics to be, and think wow, that’s amusing/cool/sublime/sexy/etc., only to find out later that the lyrics […]

Well, the beach was delightful. We didn’t get to spend our usual week in Fenwick this year, due to rehearsals and classes and the concert I sang in Balmer last week, so there was sadness and gnashing of teefs, but we had a good time while we were there. Plus, since we weren’t down there […]

omg no time to talk on vacation just go here look at new pictures ok thnx bai