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Tomorrow, the Wilmington & Western Railroad returns to Hockessin after nearly 4 years! I’ve been sort of on a train kick recently, and was surprised to go to the WWRR website and find out they’ve managed to completely repair all the trestles, bridges, and track that were simply wiped out by Tropical Storm Henry back […]

I added some new pictures, as well as some new functionality over at the photography page:

The “random” button works now, in case you just want something pretty to look at and don’t give a crap what it is. The “contact” button works as well, in case you want to yell at me for something. […]

Seeing as how I’m a bit of a gadgetphiliac (which is like being a fecalphiliac but with marginally less, you know, poop), I cannot tell a lie: I love the new iPhone. I covet it. Deeply. Which is completely stupid because it’s a PHONE. A $600 PHONE. (Which I want.)

But I won’t buy […]

Free time is hard to come by these days, but I managed to broker a deal with HW in which she would get to spend Saturday night in New York, partying with her sorority sisters while I tried to keep Charles from flinging himself off of the furniture, in exchange for which I got to […]

Listen up people: here is the big news. Me and Old Navy are BOYS. Or…boyz? Boyxi0zrzx? I can’t keep track anymore. Anyway, once again, Old Navy has saved me from a fate worse than death: not owning any pants that fit over my Beyonce-style derriere. (Note: this fate is worse than death for anyone who […]

Listen, we need to talk about the state of rock and roll lyrics. ‘Cause it’s not good. And I’m talking specifically rock and roll, not pop, so for the time being we can ignore things like “The Glamorous…the Glamorous Glamorous The Glamorous…the Flossy Flossy” and “Once you pop lock drop it for me maybe we […]

I have zero original ideas. Pretty much if you’ve seen something on here that amused you, it’s because I stole it from someone else and passed it off as my own. This is the professional writer’s way, I’m told. Nobody’s come up with anything interesting since Nabokov inspired three generations of child molesters. I mention […]

I’m a picky guy, but only in the stupidest ways. For example: I’m picky about certain foods; macaroni and cheese for example, which I only like if it came from a box with a powdered cheese mix that you mix with a half-cup of milk and a half-cup of butter and then eat straight out […]

Remember when I said a while ago (yesterday) that I needed to replace my online photography gallery? And I was tired of testing out different freeware/GPL ones because invariably they didn’t do exactly what I wanted and did a ton of other things I didn’t need? And remember the part where you DOUBTED ME? Okay, […]

In case you’ve visited here over the last few weeks and, instead of seeing my beautiful, beautiful words, saw a message saying that my website had been suspended for overambitious CPU utilization, rest assured that the problem has been isolated and we are in the process of resolving it.

Well, not we, it’s just […]