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Woooooooooooooooo baseball! Spring training is winding down, and we are rapidly nearing opening day, which is Sunday, or Saturday, or something. I can’t keep track any more. Time was, I could just check the Reds schedule, but then the Yankees started having opening day games in Japan in like mid-March and then playing some more […]

Yesterday was Sarah’s birthday (she’s heck of old), so we went to Red Robin (which recently opened near us, and which we had been advised was rad) to get some burgers and meet up with friends. There were perhaps 15 of us, 5 of which were small children. I spent most of my time making […]

In which I hate technology, and technology hates me right back.(All up in my grill, yo.)

It’s heck of warm out today (low 60s), so, being a forward-thinking individual, I thought to myself yesterday “I should TOTALLY go running at work and try to eliminate the enormous amount of fat located between my crotch […]

Oh hi! Long time no see, and all that noise. Once again, I have come through my semi-official March no-blogging-allowed time unscathed. In case you’ve missed things and need to catch up, the high school show that Sarah and I rock out on happens in March every year, so basically I disappear off the face […]

In honor of Valentine’s Day, which was like 26 days ago so this is TOTALLY CURRENT AND UP TO DATE AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME DIFFERENT, here are a short list of various reasons why I love my wife:

When we took a road trip to the Outer Banks last fall, I made a mix […]