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This cold is WEIRD, man. You may remember a few weeks ago when I noted that I was sick; that cold followed its normal course of a day of scratchy throat pain, followed by a day of complete sinus blockage, followed by a couple days of drippiness and general malaise. With the help of Zicam […]

I have acquired an organ.

Seriously, you have to click the image to see the full glory of it. Particularly the missing leg on the right. It sounds kinda sickly (I’ve been trying to create an mp3 of myself playing it, but I can’t find the drivers for my little recording doodacky), […]

Man, weird weather up in this mix. The temps are going to hit 60 today, and we’ve had this disturbing fog hovering over us, now in its third day. I can’t say I’m thrilled about it, since I keep having to drive all over creation. It’s like God farted, dude, and it’s just LINGERING.


On Sunday, I was scheduled to sing a Messiah concert at my parents’ church, splitting the bass solos with another nice fellow named Tom. And then Tom got sick. So I sang most of his stuff, with the entire men’s sections singing “The Trumpet Shall Sound” because it’s flat-out too high for me to get […]

Picture day!

Also the 65th anniversary of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan isn’t the military power it once was, but still, let’s not be forgetting the other threats that face us:

Enough serious stuff! Pete likes to air out what’s left of his junk occasionally:

Guess whose lips […]

Took Charles to the doctor this morning for a checkup. I always enjoy those, when I have occasion to go, as it’s fun to find out what records he may be breaking as far as weight and height. As of this morning he weighs 21 pounds, 13 ounces, which is very large, and is 30.75 […]

Picture this scene: you’ve just purchased a donut and a cup of coffee. You just hit the ATM, so you hand the clerk a twenty, pick up your joe and take a sip. The clerk presses the magic buttons on her register, and the till pops open; she puts your twenty in there and pulls […]

I’m sick. My whole head feels like this word: nxxnfzzznzfnznxzcvxz. It is Not Pleasant. Still, when people send me silly internet surveys, I feel required to respond online, even when I’m taking high-powered drugs that are making everything have smoke trails when I move my head. Also I can’t spel so gud.

FIRST NAME: Matt. […]

When we left our narrative yesterday, Team Hearn had arrived at the Outer Banks, I had gone for a bike ride, and then my father and I bought a metric f-ton of booze.

That night, we had A Storm. It was a Noreaster, one of those storms of lore that demolishes homes and moves […]