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Team Hearn (we’re Hearn-licious) hadn’t been down to the Outer Banks in a few years, so my parents decided that’s where they wanted to do Thanksgiving this year. In the off-season, beach-front homes rent for a song (specifically, “What About Love” by Heart), so my dad got us into some 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom monstrosity a few […]

My buddy Rick and his girl own a coffee shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Out front of it, they have a big sign where they can put letters with specials and other information. Usually they just put a funny quote in there; recently they had one that read “COME IN FOR A FRESH CUP OF WHOOPA$$”. […]

Oh hi! Didn’t expect to see you here! Why would I? It’s not like I’ve published anything for 2 weeks, although to be seriously serious for a moment, I do feel very guilty about that, but I was working and then there was vacation and I don’t like to post while on vacation because I’m […]

Oh snap son it is TOTALLY 3:21am and I am working, doing work things at a work place. Technically my work is pretty much done, we’re just waiting for word that everything worked. Meanwhile, I’m putting up with my laptop keyboard, which is not so grood. The control key is not great, and also the […]

I’m glad I got my hair cut this week. Otherwise my wife would stab me in the ear with her keys! Ha ha!

But seriously, she’s violent.

Anyway, through the magic of my new phone, I’ve taken some snaps, son. Here is the pre-cut hair (taken right after I got home from an […]

Two topics today: Politics (duh-UH), and Phillies baseball (Wha-UH?).

Topic one: looks like the Democrats are taking over the House, and possibly the Senate as well. I, for one, welcome our new Democrat blah blah blah. To be honest, I voted largely Democrat, and largely because I hate the Democratic Party slightly less than […]

Carmen is done! Finally! Not that I didn’t enjoy it, as I did, greatly, but holy Christmas Q. Patterson am I tired. I don’t know how professional touring folks do it. Of course, they don’t work 8 hour days dealing with customers and the like.

So I’m back to the regular grind, which means […]

I go through cell phones like Rosie O’Donnell goes through butter. I try and pick phones of good quality, but they just don’t last. I’m clumsy, and so they get dropped and banged into things and suddenly they don’t work so grood anymore.

My last phone was some kind of flip-phone with a camera […]

I love our trash guys. They’ll haul away anything. If I were to die this instant, HW could haul my corpse to the curb and I’m pretty sure the trash guys would just throw me in the truck without a second thought.

That, my friends, is service.

Here is a list of the […]