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You know I can’t resist an idiotic meme of any kind. This one is entitled:


TEN YEARS AGO………………………………………………………

How old were you? 18, and ignoring my responsibility to vote.

Where did you go to school? Peabody Conservatory, where I learned to hate musicians […]

I got pulled over on Saturday, but received no ticket. Wooooooooo, says I.

It was rather late (I had actually just turned the clock in my car back, as it was 2am EDT and 1am EST) and was heading home from the Carmen cast-party (Carmen opened TEH BOMBZORZ, as expected) and traffic was heavy […]

The migration continues! Some of you may or may not have been able to send me email today; I completely asploded my mail quota by moving all my old mail folders in there, and I’m an idiot so it took me like 4 hours to figure it out. I’m a big dip. If you got […]

Just as a heads up: I’m moving matthearn.com (and charleshearn.com) over to a new hosting service over the weekend (probably starting sometime Friday), so things are guaranteed to be hella shaky around here while various DNSes catch up with one another. I don’t expect anything to be DOWN, perse, but it’s entirely likely that if, […]

Hey great, I look mostly like a chick.

Most of you were already aware of this on some level, but I have proof! I ventured over to MyHeritage.com at my wife’s suggestion, uploaded a picture of myself, and said to it, Sir, please tell me which celebrities I look most like!

It responded […]


As usual, I am stoked, and plan major decorations that can be seen from space. Also as usual, I will probably get a few lights up and spend too much money on presents. I love Christmas.

I’ve done some shopping, but of […]

Ye gods, two political posts in a row? Sorry! Come back tomorrow, when I get back to my usual discussion of various wangs.

I was reading Tuesday Morning Quarterback today, and came across something I think needed a response. TMQ is penned by Gregg Easterbrook, with whom I agree on most football topics (he […]

To all of my liberal, semi-hippie friends: I surrender. I concede. I confess. You win.

I don’t often discuss politics in this space, for the simple reason that I disagree with almost everyone, and no one would really bother reading my stuff if all I did was rail about the Drug War, or the […]

I have mixed emotions over the Cardinals’ big win over the Mets last night. On the one hand, I hate the Mets. On the other hand, I’m fond of both the Tigers and the Cards, so picking someone to root for in the Series will be difficult. It almost would have been easier if the […]

I’m heck of busy today, running around like a wild man (who isn’t?), but I wanted to share something amusing with you, and so therefore I give you this. Just pictures, not a movie or sound, but highly entertaining. The one that keeps making me wet my pants is this one:

Phenomenal […]