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Worry not, I’m here. Team Hearn took a lengthy vacation to Texas to meet the relatives, all of which are awesome. I will have full details at a later date when I not swamped LIKE WHOA, so to tide you over in the meantime I highly recommend that you slide on over to CharlesHearn.com for […]

They’ve moved me and the rest of my team to new digs, which so far has been totally sweet. The new office (which is actually an old office, but they got rid of a bunch of people (there’s a big mound out back that I assume contains the bodies) and so we were moved so […]

Worth noting:

The News Journal was kind enough to finally print a review of My Fair Lady. Good job, what with us having just 2 shows left, one of which is sold out! Nothing like timeliness. On the other hand, they did say I have operatic flair. Unfortunately, they made no mention of my sweet […]

All right all you Jack Samsonites put on your face eyes and listen with your hair ears because I have a QUESTION and I know at least one of my readers has an IQ above 40 and MIGHT be able to answer it so HERE. IT. GOES.

Well, actually, there’s some background first.