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Okay, here’s the word:

I’m not dead, although I did fight off a nasty case of food poisoning this weekend that laid me heck of low. I’m still kinda feverish, I think, with the sweating and chills and JUICINESS IN MY PUPPISS. (Glavin.) The show is going outstandingly (note: not a real word), aside from […]

Normally, I post all the Charles pics over at his website (which if you haven’t been checking out, you are a tool), but I just did a freshy post last night, and this is too cute not to be online somewhere immediately: In case you’re curious, I’m working another of my patented all night shifts, […]

Hearnwife is very fond of reality TV, particularly the “Find Some Exploitable Talent”-style shows like “American Idol,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” and “The Next Great Fluffer.” I don’t find them all that interesting, usually, but I always get sucked into the first few episodes of any given season, when they have the laughable […]

Thanks to my old friend Noel, I have been alerted to the interestingness that is the Johari Window. It’s a personality tool that compares what I consider my dominating positive personality traits to be to what others consider them to be. Check out mines here, yo, and tell me if you think I’m basically retarded. […]

Having a baby really does change everything, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. For example: Charles routinely wakes us at about 6am. I do enjoy being up at that hour, but unfortunately my body doesn’t usually permit it. On the downside, due to lack of sleep, my brain is getting faulty; I […]

I had to get the Mazda fixed yesterday. It’s needed a new timing belt since approximately 60,000 miles, and it’s at 101K right now, so every acceleration was coming with a little prayer. Bad times, that. I’d read that usually when they do the timing belt, that’s the time to get the water pump replaced, […]

I watched a Space Shuttle launch last week, the first one I’d seen in a long time. I don’t avoid them, but I don’t go out of my way to see them; this probably indicates that I’m deeply scarred from having watched the Challenger asplode on live TV 20 years ago, or something. I dunno. […]

Aaaaand we’re back, and we are also very PIMP, let me tell you. (PIMP = Pleasant Indeed, My Pallies.) Team Hearn took a short vacation to Fenwick Island, where we participated in beach activities such as Tanning, Swimming, Napping, Drinking, and Eating, in no particular order.

Charles behaved admirably, even though he’s still not […]