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This rain has been insane in the membrane. You’ve probably seen the pictures of what’s going on downstate, but you may not have known that New Castle County is getting pretty moist as well. This is right by my house, probably not 2 miles away. Luckily, I’m situated on relatively high ground (in contrast to […]

I tried to get by on four hours sleep a night for as long as I could, but I appear to have hit the wall, and hard. Charles has been a bit colicky, which means basically he alternates between brief moments of calmness and brief moments of outright screaming. The bits of calmness aren’t as […]

My patio reconstruction project continues. I’ve started digging around the existing patio, with two possible plans in mind: expanding the size of the patio so that there’s more room for nice patio furniture, and also possibly digging underneath the existing semi-removed concrete and putting dynamite under there.

I’ll let you know how that goes.


Wanna see something really gross? This is REALLY GROSS.

It’s amazing that I managed to survive to my current advanced age with all of my limbs intact. In fact, the number of injuries I’ve suffered over the years has been relatively minimal, although when I’ve hurt myself, it’s been via doing something really stupid. This trend continued this weekend, when Brian came over to […]

Every couple of years, I feel the need to assert my manliness. Not via bullfighting or boxing or modern dance or impregnating my wife, but by going against my non-hirsute nature, disobeying all laws of science, and growing facial hair in some form. In the past, it has always ended in horrible tragedy, but this […]

It is flat-out retardulous that there isn’t a Target near my house. The nearest one is in what is basically the least accessible part of New Castle County for me. Getting to that North Wilmington location involves only 10 or so minutes on an interstate, but then upwards of 15 on stoplight-ridden thoroughfares to get […]

I don’t know how Sarah did it. Childbirth, I mean. For that matter, I don’t know how I did it, what with my propensity to pass out, but then I didn’t have to DO anything. Sarah did all the work, and I just stood there and held her hand, and it was still the hardest […]

Okay, I don’t have enough time for a major league update (I’m still working on my little play-by-play of Tuesday’s action), but I did have enough time to upload a bunch more pictures of Charles: click here, y’all.

Uploading is painful from the hospital because I’m on 56K dialup; getting 4MB of photos online […]