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This is probably a good opportunity for those of you who have no interest in sports to skedaddle over to Lileks.com and read something by a writer who is much, much better than I am at, well, almost everything. Today’s lengthy post is on a sports topic, and as you know if you read my […]

Apologies for the lack of posts, but March As Usual has hit; rehearsals every night of the week, and heck of busy at office as well. I’ll try and keep you abreast (hehe breast) of what’s going on, but I’ll probably fall off the face of the earth occasionally.

Not that anyone would really […]

I’m still not entirely clear why the collective sports media world seems to treat things like this as if they surprise anyone. Barry Bonds WAS aware that he was taking steroids? Wow! What gave it away? The needles? The suddenly bulging biceps? The back acne, aka Bacne?

The media, apparently, didn’t notice his substantial […]

There are few things more frustrating than when a favorite shirt chafes one’s nipples.

[I could explain further, but maybe I’ll just leave that as is. Just throw it out there, ya know? See how it feels? See who sends me bizarre emails discussing how I’m “totaly f’d up man about the whole nipples […]

First off: I have been absent this week, and for this I apologize. Work became hectic because Something Broke, which has resulted in me being at the data center for about 13 hours now, and I shall probably be here for another 10. The thing that broke has largely been fixed, but we’re basically manning […]