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Forsooth, let us forthwith listen closely to the brass tintinnabulation from the large sled in our barn. Let it be agreed that the current climate is greatly pleasant such that were we to embark on a trip together in our horse-drawn runner-equipped snow-conveyance it would probably end with great mirth.

Without, unthawed rain appears […]

I can’t begin to describe how awesome this site is, so I’m just going to give it to you and let you go on your way:


In case you’re still here (although why you would be, I can’t fathom), I have just a few comments:

Fall Out Boy is a good band, […]

I hope everybody’s Thanksgiving was as thoroughly fattening as mine. I still can’t walk right, and I have enough tryptophan in my system that I’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day since Thursday. The leftovers merely add to the misery, and by misery I mean “extreme joy,” ’cause there ain’t nothin’ so good as Thanksgiving […]

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all! Check it, here’s my list of dope things for which I, and probably others, are thankful:

Justin Timberlake. My family, particularly my new nephew Nathaniel, who is radder than fresh cinnamon buns and twice as tasty. Pre-massive-and-terrifying-weightloss Jennifer Connelly. My health, which, aside from horrific obesity and lingering acne, has […]

Real busy today, but not too busy to share the fun with you: Click this for fun movieage. Sound not required, as Sarah’s little digital camera recordeth it not. The whole thing made us pee a little.

Yes, that is our kitchen; yes, that is our cat The Cheat (notable for her love of […]

Sorry this is late (like, 2 days late), but my eentarweb hosting guy was doing some kind of experiment in spam and security blocking things that resulted in blogger posting not working. Sorry about that. Not that you really missed anything.

I’m gonna hork (steal) a meme (internet idea thingy) from James Lileks (short […]

I stayed home sick yesterday, because for the second time in under a month, I woke up feeling like Satan had peed fiery urine down my throat. (Yeah, think about that image for a while. Demons and golden showers…it’s a winning combination!) So I napped for a while, watched a little TV, checked email, did […]

I LOVE THE INTERNET. (But noooooot as much as you, you see.)

When I was in Acme yesterday, a song came on the PA that I was like, “Hey, I’d forgotten about that song, that’s a good jam. I’m gonna look that up when I get home and download it.”

But I forgot […]

I’m sure many of you have been wondering: Hey! I know Matt must have done something highly amusing for Halloween. Where are the freakin’ pics of the hilarity? Well, bichon frisse, here you go. And worry not about the smallness of the imagery, as forsooth you can click on ’em and makes ’em real big-like. […]

Normally, I try to avoid political discussions on here, mainly because my beliefs are contradictory and weird, and also because I’m a wuss and I hate getting into arguments that always end up being very personal. Nevertheless, I wanted to get something out regarding the concept of torture.

Torture’s been in the news a […]