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You know what sucks? Pee Shivers. Because THEY CAN KILL.

I’m in the john a few minutes ago, draining the main vein, and I get a pee shiver. I dunno what causes it; perhaps it’s as simple as cold air on the wang, but whatever it is, it causes a full body shake and […]

Turn yo sound up Turn yo sound up Turn yo sound up Turn yo sound up and PEEP THIS:

They Want It That Way.

I was sent a nifty email earlier this week, entitled “you know your [sic] from delaware when . . .” I figured it might be fun to deconstruct it a bit, based on my own personal Delawarean experiences. LET’S KICK IT.

You know you’re a Delawarean when:

You know where, what and when the […]

At the risk of sounding like a decrepit old geezer, playoff baseball games are on too freaking late. I can sort of understand why the scheduled start is 8pm on the East Coast; we wouldn’t want Californians missing out on games between Houston and St. Louis. But I do not think it is strictly necessary […]

In talking to Ian and Henna a few weeks ago, it was revealed to me that they had been planning to run a 5K supporting Delaware Hospice, but it had been rained out in that weeklong torrential downpour thing we had going on last week. It was rescheduled for the morning of Saturday (2 days […]

At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on maintaining a normal human sleep schedule, mainly because I’m clearly an alien. I seem to require the same total amount of sleep, ie about 1/3 of my day, like everyone else. Unfortunately, I appear to be designed for a 30-36 hour day.

My job doesn’t […]

Good job, Blue Hens! You had 5 yards to go for the touchdown, a full set of towns, over a minute left to play, and one timeout. And you managed to not only fail to score, but prove me right in many ways! And for this, I thank you.

I didn’t actually go to […]