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My days are getting pretty boring. Spend a bunch of time at work putting out small fires, come home, work on things around the house for a little while, maybe play some video games and drink a few beers, go to bed. Sometimes the fun gets broken up by a rehearsal of some kind, but […]

I’m getting pretty freaking tired of weather in the Gulf. Admittedly, that’s a rather preposterous thing to say considering that I don’t live there, and my only real inconvenience is some extra hours of work. If I lived there, I’d probably be living in my wife’s car and prostituting myself for cat food and gravy […]

I present you with a quote from a song that you probably have not heard, by a band of which you undoubtedly are unaware. The Band: Billy Pilgrim. The song: “Hurricane Season.” The quote:

The quarter moon like chalk on a slate Board the windows up before it’s too late The weather man and […]

I’ve been digging wells for 4 years now, and nobody does it better or faster. I can punch through your foundation and dig down to the water table in one day, and you’ll have a non-federal water source for however long you can keep the government from finding out. I also set up the filter […]

Sorry I was out of commission for what, 10 days now? Last week was absolutely HELLISH at work. I probably can’t go into a great deal of detail, but here’s a vague recounting.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I was scheduled to work 8am to 8pm shifts at an offsite location, so on Tuesday (we […]

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mstevens: so u jam with mark corrigan.. he’s my ‘mentor’ MattHearn: Is he? mstevens: indeed MattHearn: He plays a mean blues harp. mstevens: heh mstevens: he was talkin about how they couldn’t get together much this summer cuz the bass player was in a play.. mstevens: i’m like wait a second mstevens: does he have […]