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This conversation between Milo and myself has me chortling uncontrollably. I’m sure it’s not that funny to the outside reader, but I’m posting it here anyway.

BTW: To understand the last bit about paintball, you need to watch this. And trust me, it’s worth the download. Guaranteed.

MiloBloom34: her getting you will be […]

Last night I dreamt about James Lileks, but I want to make it clear that in my dream, I did not attempt to sex him up. That is an important point that needs to be clearly enunciated. I DID NOT ATTEMPT RELATIONS WITH JAMES LILEKS. AND EVEN IF I DID, HE TURNED ME DOWN. That […]

In honor of the 262nd anniversary of French Revolutionaire Jean-Paul Marat, I have written a poem.

I call it: Ode to (Hopefully) Never Being Stabbed In A Bathtub.

My name is Jean-Paul. Some folks call me JP. Some folks say I’m a terrific athlete. That may have once been true. But now […]

Wednesday I was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment, and thank God they cancelled it due to retarded receptionists overbooking the poor MD. It meant HW and I got a chance to rest at home a bit before our usual Wednesday evening rehearsal, and the added fun bonus is that we detected Pete’s issue before […]

I entered a Vocal competition! It’s run by the Center for Contemporary Opera in La Grande Pomme (New York, you hillbillies), and was pretty easy to enter, due to the power of modern technology. Long gone are the days when you had to sing in front of a bunch of people to audition for something. […]

Things have been ungodly busy at the office, and I end up staying late and then not having time for anything in the evening but my usual crap. So the daily postings have suffered, and for this I apologize.

Even today, I don’t really have much to offer you, except that I’m going to […]

Ah, the weekend. RAMBLE ON:

We played our second doubleheader of softball love on Friday, and get this, WE WON A GAME. It was unbelievable. I still can’t believe it, although I can definitely FEEL it. I haven’t been able to walk for 3 days. Every part of my body hurts. Obviously this means I […]

UPDATE from Rick: “Dude, I had dreams last night about that picture of your crotch.”

I’m so pleased.

Sometimes, the humor is just too much to bear. Some reports from friends on Yesterday’s Junk Post:

From Nora: so here i am, sitting at my friend’s desk, filling in for her for the […]

It is really annoying to lose a bunch of weight, and buy new pants to fit your slimm’d-down waist, only to discover too late that despite having lost inches around the middle, you haven’t reduced the size of certain other things.

Wait, did I say annoying? I meant TOTALLY AWESOME.

That is all.

People have weird food tastes. I am no exception; I’ll eat pretty much anything, from sushi to curried beef to semi-rancid yoghurt. But I draw the line at lawn clippings.

On Sunday, HearnWifeTM and I headed over to my parents’ place to help celebrate the anniversary of the natal day of our friend Tolly, […]