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I was unaware of this yesterday, or it would have been posted with the other URLs. I don’t really have words to describe it, so I’ll just bring you: Great. White. Hype.

You may have noticed the lack of a post yesterday; this was on purpose, because I wanted to leave Monday’s post up as long as possible. The basic reasoning was that it was hilarious, and I wanted to make sure everybody saw it, since it got put up so late.

If you didn’t find […]

Many of you have been contacting me to ask, “Hey Matt, I also would like to wear my collar in the popped style that is so popular with the young kids these days. My problem is, it makes me a little nervous, and I’m wondering if there are situations in which the popped collar might […]

I’ve been spending all day working on this, so you better freakin’ enjoy it.

In honor of Kyle and Kristy’s impending nuptials, I give you:

Kristy’s New Boyfriend

I have decided that I start WAAAAAAAAY too many posts with the word “So,” as in, “So I was throwing up in a bus station bathroom” or “So the new Pope came out of the closet” or “So tell me baby, what’s your sign?” I can’t say for certain why it might be that I […]

So it looks like the Catholics have gotten themselves a new pope! Good times for all! I’m hoping he takes a totally righteous name when he signs up, ’cause Lord knows there are some bitchin’ Saints out there who need to have a pope named after them:

Saint Birrstan – Pope Birrstan I just has […]

So the blogging idea for Thursday panned out pretty poorly, and my plan to get pictures posted on Friday worked out about as well. I’m sure you were all disappointed, which kinda sucks for you, but luckily I’m used to it, having disappointed my wife in every conceivable way for nearly 5 years now. So […]

So it’s been four hours, and nothing has leapt into my miniature little brain. Seriously, I’m looking around my cubicle for things to write about, and if I don’t come up with anything better by 5pm, there’s a good chance you’ll see a post on any of the following topics:

Inspirational, ain’t it? Why I […]

So I was hoping to have pictures of Old New Castle from the weekend, but I just haven’t had time to take care of that. Tomorrow I’m taking the day off from work to prepare for Kyrone’s bachelor party, so hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in an hour to upload and edit some photoz […]

Oh, oh, baby, here comes my random jams, pay attention or you’ll miss it, I like ham:

I recently bought a suit from this man: Calvin Klein, maker of fine underwear Is it normal that I am now terrified of what I am becoming? So on Tuesday I went to Hollywood Tan and got one […]