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Holy Manboobs of St. Paul, I’m hungry. But before I figure out which of my officemates would be the most succulent and tasty, I wanted to share a few random thoughts:

You may have noticed I didn’t publish anything yesterday. That’s because I was having technical difficulties, after which I finally gave up and spent […]

I think I’m beginning to understand why it is that most American musical theatre written after about 1960 completely turns me off. Pop music in the 1950s ruined it for everybody.

Let me backtrack a bit. Last summer, when I did Brigadoon, I remembered how much I enjoyed performing in musicals. I hadn’t done […]

Last Friday evening, after church (it was Good Friday, you dolt), Sarah and I decided it might be fun to go check out the Karaoke that our friend John runs at a hotel near our house. We met our friends Fitzy and Rece there around 9:15, grabbed some brewskis, and quickly put a few song […]

Here come the Bill Simmons-style ramblings, at you like a HURRAKANE.

Don’t be scurred.

I was in the shower this morning, carefully cleansing my taint, and singing “Moon River” very loudly in my best Andy Williams croon, when it occurred to me: has there ever been a bad song with “river” in the title? […]

So I bought myself a bicycle, and let me tell you, I feel quite the badass. It’s a relatively inexpensive Schwinn 26″ jam, with 21 speeds, good brakes, and, most importantly, it doesn’t have one pedal bent out of shape about 15 degrees like the last crappy Walmart mountain bike I bought.

My nifty bike, […]

Last night I went with my parents and our friend Tolly to New York to see the Bach B-minor Mass at St. Bartholemew’s. We had a riotous time, starting with a lengthy meal at a restaurant in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel (we’re some posh mofos, we are) named Oscar’s.

Our waitress there was named Imolina, […]

I’m back on my Fantasmagorical Awesometastic “Lo-Karb” Diet™, which of course means that I take in vast, heart-clogging amounts of red meat, cheese, and unpasteurized sweet cream that I SUCK DIRECTLY FROM THE COW’S TEAT MWAHAHAHA – sorry, got carried away there. Anyway, I eat a lot of meat.

So when I get a […]

Cinderella was a rousing success! Those of you that missed it, shame, shame. Quite truly, it was awesome, although if I were to say I wish we could do another show or two, that would be a lie.

And I am not a liar.

Opening night, Thursday, went very well, aside from a […]

I haven’t posted, you may have noticed. I will be back next week, I swear. And I’ll probably even be able to get rid of the Eagles logo which has had no bearing on anyone’s life since early February.

Why I haven’t posted:


At Brandywine High School, 3/17-3/19 at 7pm, and […]

So, I’m not sure what the recovery time for a workout is really supposed to be for a beginner. I figured the chances were slim I’d recover enough to have a workout on Wednesday, but it’s now Thursday, and I hurt just as bad as I did Tuesday morning. In fact, a NEW agony has […]